Stallion Extrema

The Cresta Extrema manufactured on the renowned Stallion mandrel features a thin diameter with high responsiveness. The long telescopic top with a 3.5mm bore is suitable to elasticate.

Both second and third sections feature a 40 mm reinforced zone ideal for a puller slot. Starting from the third section down are reinforcements along the entire length.

The Extrema is suitable for carp fishing on shorter distances and targeting silver fish in harsh conditions using heavy lines. The Extrema is compatible with all available Stallion puller, power and top kits.

Ultra Slim Diameter

Each section of the pole features an ultra slim diameter. The large tip bore of 3.5mm allows the use of heavy elastics.

Key Features

Crosswave Sections

Crosswave reinforcements featured from the 3rd section to the handle.


The Extrema features a pullerzone on the 2nd and 3rd sections.


The Extrema is available in 3 different lengths.

More Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

Model600 Pole750 Pole800 Pole
Transport length1.38m1.50m1.69m
Elastic Rate2020

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