Stallion Power S 770

The Stallion Power S 770 handles comfortably due to its limited end diameter. The robust put-over parts and extra reinforcements at critical areas make the Stallion Power pole suitable for intensive use. The telescopic top can be equipped to the angler’s preference with a solid tip or elastic. The pole is suitable for bream, small carp and due to the fast action, it’s also great for sensitive roach fishing. The Stallion Power S 770 is delivered with a mini extension and can be expanded with topkits and a cupkit.

Ultra Slim Diameter

Every single section of this pole ownes a ultra slim diameter. This makes the pole unique on nowadays market.

Available in Pack

Pole Pack includes:

Item Name


9.5m Pole
1 x
Mono Extension
1 x
Top 4 kit
1 x
Solith Pole Sleeve
1 x

Key Features

Reinforced Sections

The top kit sections are reinforced.


Made on the famous super slim Cresta Stallion mandrel.

Solith Pole Sleeve

The pack is delivered in a Solith Pole Sleeve.

More Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

Model9.5m PoleTop 4 KitTele Kup KitPack 9.5m
Transport length1.70m1.20m1.33m-
Elastic Rate1616

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