Visorate Accelerate Tapered Leaders 0.22-0.28mm

Visorate Accelerate Tapered Leaders are the perfect shockleader to a braided mainline. Thanks to the much smaller knot, the line experiences much less resistance during the cast, allowing longer distances to be achieved. The much smoother transition from nylon to braided line also significantly reduces the chance of the line getting caugth by a guide. The 0.28mm tip end is 6m long, so it reaches the spool for safely and powerful casting. The combination of a lower diameter shockleader and braided line reduces the linepressure significant, which also results in a better bite registration!

Designed for extra distance!

Key Features

12 Meter Length

Each leader has a individual lenght of 12 meter, which is perfect for long range breamfishing with 13 and 14ft rods. When a shorter leaders is required, it has be shortened from both sides.

Smaller Knot

The size of the knot with 0.22mm mono is significant smaller than with a one piece 0.28mm leaders. this result in less resistance trough the guides when casting.

ModelTapered Leaders

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