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Gamakatsu is proud to present the new Pro Commercial hook range. This range has been developed specially for the modern style of fishing on commercial venues throughout Europe. Working closely with Cresta and various specialists in the UK and Europe, Gamakatsu has produced this range to the highest standard, drawing on its extensive experience as a Japanese hook manufacturer since 1955 and utilising the latest technology.



The entire range is manufactured using the unique A1 hard wire. Exclusive to Gamakatsu, this wire has 25% higher strength and abrasion resistance, making it the best wire available for this type of hook. Each hook size in the range has a unique wire diameter selected to achieve the optimum balance of weight and strength for that hook.

Different hook models require different shaped points. The quality of the A1 wire, combined with Gamakatsu’s unique and patented sharpening process, makes each hook point incredibly sharp. The P.T.F.E coating, one of Gamakatsu’s own inventions, keeps the hooks sharp for a long time.

Combining the knowledge of top European anglers with the best technology available in Japan, we are confident that they will prove to be sought after throughout Europe.

                      Stay Sharp…… more details to follow!

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