Accelerate Easy Fill Feeders & Bombs

Accelerate Easy Fill Feeders are simple and quick to use. After filling the feeder with ground bait and/or pellets it’s easy to add the hook bait. All that is required is a simple press with no need to use a method mould. The all-metal body is aerodynamically designed and has a discreet, soft coating. Whilst the bottom of the feeder is completely closed off, the innovative design means the slots that run along the side only allow the feed to be released once the feeder reaches the bottom. The removable tube has a compact rubber sleeve at the end. A slot in the bottom makes it possible to change to another feeder or bomb from the Accelerate range without re-tying the rig. 

 Accelerate Easy Feeder Small

The Small version is ideal for short and medium-range chucks when only small amounts of bait are required.

Discrete Soft Coating

The dark brown color with spots falls away against the bottom.

No Holes

The bottom of these feeders is completely closed.


 Accelerate Easy Feeder Medium

The Medium is the allrounder in the range and can carry twice the amount of bait compared to the Small version.

No Mould Needed

Thanks to the design all Accelerate Easy Fill feeders can be loaded by hand.

Side Drains

Drains allow water to penetrate from the side, to release the bait.


 Accelerate Easy Feeder Distance

The Distance version features a “stretched” design and an extended tube. Ideal for covering the medium and long range.

Stem Change System

The integrated Stem Change System allows changing or removal of a feeder without knotting.

Weight forward Design

Thanks to the weight forward design, Accelerate feeders cast easily and accurately.


 Accelerate Square Bombs

Accelerate Square Bombs feature a square shape with a rounded corner profile. This clever design ensures that the coated bombs remain perfectly positioned on an angled surface whilst the shape offers low resistance and high accuracy during the cast The specific use of an alloy allows a soft impact with the water surface, mimicking the sound of the feeding of loose pellets.

No Bait Needed

Sometimes the fishing doesn’t require any bait on the bottom, this is when bombs come into play.

Easy Change Bead

An Easy Change Bead allows to change type and length of rig fast en easy ,which is important when fishing a bomb.