Artificial Baits

Artificial baits for silverfish have a long history in the feeder fishing market at Cresta. It’s safe to say that Cresta offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in attractive colours and various sizes.

Spaghetti Balls

Spaghetti is a high-quality floating artificial bait. When placed on the hook, a floating or slow sinking bait presentation is created. Together with the striking colours creates an attractive bait for many fish species. Spaghetti can be used directly on the hook in one or more colours, or for extra catching power can be combined with live bait, such as maggots and worms.

Available in standard and XL

To find the perfect balance with every hook size Spaghetti Balls are available in 6 individual sizes from 3mm up to 8mm.

Irresistible Colours

Within the range are 3 shades of red complimented with orange, yellow and pink.

ColorBlood RedTomato RedFluo RedFluo OrangeYellowPinkBlood RedTomato RedFluo RedBlood OrangeYellowPink
SizeStandard 3-4-5mmStandard 3-4-5mmStandard 3-4-5mmStandard 3-4-5mmStandard 3-4-5mmStandard 3-4-5mmXL 6-7-8mmXL 6-7-8mmXL 6-7-8mmXL 6-7-8mmXL 6-7-8mmXL 6-7-8mm

Spaghetti Worms

The Cresta Spaghetti is a high-quality, floating, artificial hook bait. Once hooked, the weight of the hook gives your presentation a suspending or ultra-slow sinking action. This action and the hi-vis colours makes the bait attractive for any fish species. Spaghetti can be used as a standalone bait or mixed with more than one colour. Adding live baits such as worms and maggots will add additional attraction. The three different sizes in this package are the ideal match for various hook sizes.

Straight Shape

The Spaghetti Worms are made in a straight shape to avoid twisted hook lengths.

 Irresistible Colours

Within the range are three shades of red complimented with orange, yellow and pink.

ColorBlood RedTomato RedFluo RedFluo OrangeYellowPink
Size 8-11-22mm 8-11-22mm 8-11-22mm 8-11-22mm 8-11-22mm 8-11-22mm


Speedpellets offer extra attraction for any fish thanks to their very bright colours. The chamfered shape makes it very easy to place in a bait band. The central notch ensures perfect positioning. Available in both slow-sinking and pop-up versions. Cresta Speedpellets can also be used on pole, pellet waggler and method feeder.

Floating and Sinking

Available in both Floating and Sinking variations.


The range features 5 attractive colours.

TypePop-up Pop-upPop-upPop-upPop-upSinkingSinkingSinkingSinkingSinking