Carp Contest Margin Pull

The Carp Contest Pull Margin is an absolute powerhouse, specially developed for targeting big carp and sturgeon. The thick-walled material provides a lot of power. The top section has a large end diameter, which makes shortening for elastication unnecessary. The second section has a reinforced ring with a puller slot allowing an elastic to be shortened during the drill. The Carp Contest is available in either a 4.0m or 5.5m which can be expanded with a 2-piece puller kit of 2.5m.

Key Features

Elastic Rate 

The Carp Contest features a large bore which can easily handle elastics up to size 24.


The 2nd section is equipped with a large pullerslot, perfect for heavy elastics.

Model400 550 Top 2 Kit
Transport length1.50m1.60m1.33m

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