Double Legged Bullet Feeders

Double Legged Bullet Feeders

The Cresta Double-Legged Bullet Feeder provides optimal casting properties, while the Aerodynamic shape and location of the weight deliver minimal resistance during the cast, combined with reduced resistance on the retrieve. Balance during flight is possible thanks to the accurate positioning of the weight in relation to the wire cage. The quality and thickness of the wire mesh result in a sturdy and robust cage, ensuring the shape is maintained even when ground bait is used in the feeder. With only two strong attachment points, there is a little obstruction to the ground bait as it exits the feeder. The sturdy loop will easily attach to any link, and the ample length of the loop makes it easy to fill the feeder. Finished with a black coating the feeders will be unobtrusive on practically any bottom.

Sizes & Weigths

The Cresta Double Legged Bullet Feeders are available in 4 sizes, each in multiple weights.


The cage wire is the ideal size to load these feeders with a combination of ground bait and live bait, such as worms, maggots and casters.