IDentity Butt Protectors

The IDentity Butt Protectors are designed to protect sensitive areas of the rod during casting, transport and even short distance fishing without a butt section. These carbon butt protectors are incredibly lightweight, ensuring that the balance of the rod is maintained. In addition, the butts have a foam button that effectively prevents sand or dirt from entering the butt section when the rod hits the bank. You can rely on the IDentity Butt Guards because they are compatible with all Superior and Ultra Series rods and offer options for section numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Key Features


Every Identity Butt Protector is compatible with every Identity Superior & Ultra pole.

EVA Foam button

Finished with a foam button to prevent sand or dirt from getting into the pole when it hits the bank.

ModelButt Protector nr. 4Butt Protector nr. 5Butt Protector nr. 6Butt Protector nr. 7