IDentity F1 Short Kits

The IDentity ShortF1 kits are specially designed for shallow fishing with short rig tactics. These highly tapered, one-piece top kits give the whole pole a very fast action, allowing a very adequate response to any indication. The length of only 180cm allows you to drill any fish just below the bank for an easy and quick landing. These F1 kits are supplied with a PFTE topbush and Smooth pullerslot. There is a 1m depth marker at the bottom of the kit, which makes it easy to determine the exact fishing depth. The IDentity F1 kits are available in both a standard black and a white Ghost version. These kits are compatible with the entire IDentity Superior and IDentity Ultra series.

Designed for modern commercial tactics. 

Both short kits are compatible with the entire IDentity pole range.   And makes the performance of the pole even faster and more responsive. Ideal for targeting F1’s when fishing shallow or close to features.

Key Features


 The length of 180 cm makes it a real advantage to land fish quicker.  As there is a shorter length of elastic in the kit plus hooked fish will pop up closer and quicker in netting range.

Ready for action

Both kits are equiped with a Smooth Pullerslot and PTFE topbush for optimal use with any type of elastic.

Depth marker

Determine en finding the correct depth is key when fishing for F1’s. The depth marker at the bottom of the kit makes it easy to establish and copy the exact fishing depth

Black and white

The Identity F1 short kits  are available in classic black or ghost white finish to cover every situation.

ModelF1 Short Kit BlackF1 Short Kit Ghost
Transport length1.80m1.80m
Elastic Rate1414

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