IDentity Short Ghost Kit

This Short Ghost kit replaces the original top 2 kits for all IDentity and Centurion poles. The increased taper and shortened length ensure that every pole is stiffer, meaning you can react to each bite faster and more effectively. Thanks to the grey/white finish, the tip blends in against the sky, so that suspicious fish are less likely to be put off. The reinforced zone makes it possible to place a pullerslot of your own choice. The shortened length (1.5m) for placing elastic ensures optimum performance when using relatively light elastics.

Ultra Fast &Stiff – Only 1.8m long.

This kit makes any IDentity pole Ultra-Fast, Stiff and ideal for targeting delicate feeding F1s.

Key Features


This kit provides incredible pole balance even when extended over 13m.

Elastic Rate

The IDentity Short Kit can handle elastic up to size 12.


Hooked fish show up closer thanks to the short length of the kit. This makes netting them easier and faster.

More Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

ModelUltra Short Ghost Kit
Transport length1.80m
Elastic Rate12

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