Inline Bullets

These perfectly round and calibrated Inline Bullets feature a small diameter silicone tube. This ensures optimal protection of the nylon and a perfect central position on the line. Suitable for numerous floatrigs, such as riverfloats, flatfloats and sliders. By combining various sizes with each other, a streamlined bulkweigth is created and practically any prefered weight can be put together.

Key Features

Slider Set up

A combination of 2 or 3 inline bullets acts as a perfect tangle free bulk weigth for  slider set ups. Thanks to wide range of  individual weigths any required total weigth can be achieved.


Also for flatfloats these Inline Bullets are an exellent option to create a tangle free bulk weigth. The spreaded shape offers a very natural baitpresentaton in any flow.

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