Push Beads


Push Beads are designed for the inline method system. The head of this Bead hits the edge of the tube whilst the back falls in, ensuring the Bead does not stick out, allowing the method to be filled with the Cresta 2-piece Method Mold. The Bead can be used with the Cresta Pellet and Easy-fill Feeder too. The unique design results in a perfect fit but opens easily by simply pushing the back of the insert upwards, which allows the upper section to open freely, allowing the loop of the rig to be attached.

Semi Self-hooking

The Push bead runs free over the line. The Push Bead neatly goes into the tube, which allows a fish to get still hooked from the weight of the feeder.

Easy to Open

Thanks to the creative design, the bead is easy to open yet is fully secured when closed.


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