Hairrig Accessoires

A wide range of stoppers, bands and needles give you an optimal choice on how you want to pin your hookbait. All these products are inhouse designed by Cresta to offer you, what we believe, the perfect sizes and dimensions.

Detailed information regarding each model can be found below.

 Easy Stops

Qts.24 pcs

These handy stoppers have an opening which allows them to be fixed to the hair so they cannot be lost. By sticking an Easy Stop on an Easy Stop Needle it is easy to stick it through pre-drilled bait. Simply retrieve the needle and the bait is perfectly set. This system can be perfectly used with baits such as worms and corn too.

Bait Stoppers

Qts.2 x 24 pcs

Three different bait stoppers for fixing the bait with hair and loop. The package contains 3 different versions, so all kinds and sizes of bait can be adjusted to create the perfect rig. Because of its compact design, the Bait stoppers are hardly visible to the fish, which increases your bite ratio. Perfect for use in combination with mini-boilies, pre-drilled pellets and sweetcorn.

 Hookable Baitbands

Size3mm 2x14pcs4mm 2x10 pcs6mm 2x8pcs

These baitbands are the ideal tool to mount hard baits on a hook. The elasticity in the material ensures that the bait is firmly clamped in the band. The tiny hole in the hook ring ensures that the baitband is easy to assemble and stays in the desired position.

Bait Bands

SizeS 50pcs4mm M 50pcs6mm L 50pcs

Cresta Baitbands are made from very high quality, natural latex. They have a high degree of elasticity and are very durable. The straight cut at a precise width ensure that each bait band can be perfectly mounted on a hair and the bait can be easily attached. Available in Small, Medium and Large.

 Bait Needles

ModelEasy Stop NeedleBaitstop NeedleBait Drill

These 2 baitingneeldles and a bait drill feature a nice and ergonomic handle, each in there own recognisable color.

Baitband Tool

ModelBaitband Tool

The one with the perfect bait presentation bags more fish and the Cresta Bait Band Tool makes mounting pellets easier than ever before. The improved auto-grip system allows you to pick up a pellet easier and more secure. Ideal for fishing the pole and the feeder. – Including Bait Bands in three different sizes.