Snyper Puller XS

The Snyper Puller XS is ideal for use on carp lakes. Thanks to the built-in Smooth pullerslot, this pole can be easily elasticated, while the puller acts to shorten the elastic during the fight. Thanks to the small diameter, this powerhouse feels comfortable during handling. The Snyper puller XS is available in 5.2m, 6.6m and 8.0m versions. A separate 2-piece top kit is also available.

Key Features

Pullerslot and Bush

The poles feature a mounted Smooth pullerslot and a fitted bush ready to elasticate.

Elastic Rate

Elastics up to size 24 and nylon up to 30/00 can be used on this pole.

Model520 Pole660 Pole800 PoleTop 2 Kit
Transport length1.48m1.51m1.53m1.32m

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