Snyper SR

Designed for targeting silver fish, the Snyper SR Pole is the ideal all-round carbon put-over pole with a low diameter that is also very comfortable to hold. The attractive price makes the pole suitable for both young anglers and beginners. The hollow top is equipped with a full carbon tip which can be used immediately. The hollow top is also suitable to elasticate. The Snyper SR is available in 6.70m, 8.10m and 9.50m and can be completed with a top kit.

Key Features

Solid Tip  

The Snyper SR pole arrives with a solid tip, but when removed, the next section can be elasticated as well.

Put-over joints

The Snyper SR pole features Put-over joints, which makes disassembling the pole easy and fast.

ModelSR 670 PoleSR 810 PoleSR 950 PoleTop 3 Kit
Transport length1.50m1.52m1.54m1.38m
Sections5 + solid tip6 + solid tip7 + solid tip3 + solid tip

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