Solith 4x36 Seatbox

Introducing the Solith 4 x 36 Seatbox – a durable and comfortable outdoor seating solution. Its adjustable legs and sturdy aluminium frame provide stability, while the ergonomic handles secure the legs without leaving marks. The padded seat and shoulder strap ensure comfort during use and transport. Available in three versions, each with a 13cm base and different drawer options. Enhance your outdoor experience with the Solith 4 x 36 Seatbox – comfort, convenience and versatility all in one.

Solith 4×36 200

Storage options:
1 x 13cm base unit
1 x 5.5cm storage unit

Solith 4×36 400

Storage options:
1 x 13cm base unit
2 x  3.8cm front drawers
1 x 3.5cm storage unit

Solith 4×36 500

Storage options:
1 x 13cm base unit
2 x front drawer
1 x side drawer
1 x 3.5cm unit

Key Features

36mm Legs

The four 36mm aluminium legs have a rounded top and swivel mud feet.

Alu Base

The aluminium base provides excellent all-round stability.

Magnetic Lock

Both side and front drawers have a magnetic locking system.

360 º Non Mark Loking System

Each leg can be locked in position with a non-marking locking system.

Padded Shoulder Strap

The padded shoulder strap is comfortable to carry.

Pole Hooks

Each box comes with a free pair of pole hooks.

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