Solith River Rods

The Solith River Feeders offer plenty of power and comfort when using heavy feeders. The blanks are hard and respond flawlessly to high line pressure, and the parabolic action and effortless control while using the Cresta Solith Rivers Feeder are particularly noticeable.Each Solith rod is sectioned equally, including the tip section ensuring the transport size of set-up rods is reduced. The handles are made with premium-quality cork with an EVA foam butt section and tuned butt length. Each Solith River Feeder rod is delivered with three tips each featuring a strong double-leg top guide.

Key Features

Blank & Guides

The blanks are made from high modulus carbon fibres and finished with high-quality long-legged guides.

Carbon Tips

Each Solith River feeder is delivered with three carbon tips. Each tip is made with a carefully selected guide setting and size to optimize the action for the job.

Handle & Reel seat

The handles are made with cork and EVA and finished with a slimline reel seat.

Casting Weights

Each Cresta Solith rod features unique characteristics to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

3.60m: casting weight 80-150g

3.90m: casting weight 100-200g

4.20m: casting weight 150-250g

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ModelRiver Feeder 360River Feeder 390River Feeder 420Carbon XH Tip 3.0oz Carbon XH Tip 4.0oz Carbon XH Tip 5.0oz Carbon XH Tip 6.0oz
Transport length1.25m1.35m1.45m----
Casting Weight80-150g100-200g150-250g----
No. Guides8+58+58+55555
Tip SectionsCarbon 3.0oz+4.0oz+5.0oz Carbon 3.0oz+4.0oz+5.0oz Carbon 4.0oz+5.0oz+6.0oz ----

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