Spiked Measure Sticks

The Spiked Measure Sticks are the ideal way to measure your set fishing distance. The exact distance can be set by wrapping the line around the sticks until the line clip is reached. The supplied cord has a length of 5m and is equipped with three sliders for precise measurement. Both sticks are equipped with a solid pin that can be placed securely on any type of terrain. The 70cm length of the stick above the spike ensures that the line remains above any vegetation when wrapped. The smooth finish of the sticks and plastic cover button ensure that the line can be wound up easily, without damage.

Key Features


The full metal spikes can be used in both dry, hard ground or even in between rocks or concrete blocks is possible.


The sticks feature a smooth surface. Thanks to the 70cm length, the line remains above any vegetation when wrapped.


The nod located on top of the spikes prevents the line from coming off while wrapping.


The rope is 5m long and can be shortened to your prefered length. The 3 sliders on the rope can secure the distance very precisely.

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