Stallion Spartacus

The Stallion Spartacus poles are strong, robust margin poles with fast and stiff action. The thick-walled and reinforced top sections make this pole perfect for targeting large carp. The 3mm tip diameter and 40 mm reinforced section located on the third section make any type of elastication possible. The fourth section features an extra reinforcement located at the top, which makes removing the topkit even during powerful fights a smooth process. The Spartacus is compatible with all available Stallion puller, power and top kits.

Ultra Slim Diameter

Each section of the pole features a powerful yet ultra slim diameter.

Available in Pack

Pole Pack includes:

Item Name


9.5m Pole
1 x
Mono Extension
1 x
Top 3 kit
1 x
Solith Pole Sleeve
1 x

Key Features

Reinforced Sections

Each section features reinforcements in all key areas.


The Spartacus comes with a pullerzone in the 3rd section.


The top 4 kit is made on the original Stallion mandrel, followed by sections with a slightly increased diameter.

Solith Pole Sleeve

A pack is delivered with a Solith Pole Sleeve.

Model9.5m PoleTop 3 KitTele Kup KitPack 9.5m
Transport length1.70m1.21m1.33m-
Elastic Rate2020--

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