Blackthorne Comfort Chair High

The Cresta Blackthorne Comfort Chair High meets the demand for a stable higher sitting chair. The frame has a double folding mechanism allowing the seat to reach a height of 45cm, which also creates extra space for accessories on the front legs. The back features removable arms ideal for accessories such as rod supports, umbrella support or a bait platform. The removable front and fixed rear legs with rubber locks can be adjusted individually so that the seat can be positioned correctly using the built-in spirit level. The seat and the adjustable backrest have a soft lining. The extra strap at the front under the seat offers additional support, ideal for longer fishing sessions. The chair is equipped with a bundled strap and carrying strap, for compact storage and comfortable transport. The redesigned screw knobs offer even more grip and the new clamp block fixes the legs securely.

Key Features

Fabric & Padding

The chair features high-quality fabric and soft padding in Blackthorne colour optic.


A 360-degree leveller helps to set up the chair correctly for optimal comfort.

Screw Button

A rubberised button helps to secure the legs in the prefered position.

Swivel Mudfeet

The swivel Mud Feet help find the correct position underground or above the ground surface.

More Information

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