Blackthorne Compact Chair

In addition to the Compact Chair high, a lower version is now available with the same unique folding double frame system. By lowering the frame at the rear and shortening the legs, the whole chair comes closer to the ground ideal for smaller users and sloped banks. As the frame at the front gains height when the frame is fully open, the stability remains very good, with sufficient space to place supports on the individually adjustable front legs. The Blackthorne Compact Chair features an adjustable backrest that can be folded flat for a compact transport format. The padded shoulder strap makes transportation comfortable for longer walks along the bank.

Key Features

Fabric & Padding

The chair features high-quality fabric and soft padding in Blackthorne colour optic.

Compact Transport

For compact transport, the front legs can be taken out and secured on the backside.

Swivel Mudfeet

The swivel Mud Feet help find the correct position underground or above the ground surface.

Screw Button

A rubberised button helps to secure the legs in the prefered position.


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