Blackthorne Pro-C Feeder Method

The Pro C Feeder Method rods are ideal for fishing at shorter distances and suitable for open water and commercials. The sensitive carbon tips (size S) provide optimal bite registration for large and small fish. The action in the top section absorbs aggressive takes perfectly, while the backbone in the bottom section provides control during the drill. These rods are suitable for both traditional feeders and method feeders. The handle features a flattened section ideally formed for the forearm to rest comfortably during the drill.

Accuracy & Control

The Blackthorne Pro-C Feeder Method rods are perfect for precision & controlled landing of big fish.

Key Features

Blank & Guides

The blanks are made from high Modulus Japanse carbon fibres and outfitted with high-quality guides.

Carbon Tips

Each Blackthorne feeder rod is delivered with three carbon tips. Each tip is optimally positioned with carefully selected sizes to optimize the action for feeder angling.

Handle & Reel seat

Features handle with adjusted length, finished with cork, EVA and a slimline reel seat.

Optimal Performance

Each rod features unique characteristics. Each Blackthorne rod is marked with the Optimal Performance details.

2.70m: casting range 10-25m – casting weight 20-50g

3.00m: casting range 15-35m – casting weight 20-50g

ModelPro-C Sp. Method 330Carbon M Tip 0.7oz Carbon M Tip 1.0oz Carbon M Tip 1.5ozCarbon M Tip 2.0oz Carbon M Tip 3.0oz RCarbon F.T. Tip M 1.0oz
Transport length1.70m------
Casting Weight30-80g------
No. Guides8+7777777
Tip SectionsCarbon Tip M 1.0oz + 1.5oz + 2.0oz ------

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