Blackthorne Pro-N Feeder Medium

The Blackthorne Pro N-Feeders Medium offer excellent casting and drilling properties making the rods very versatile. The three carbon tips in size M (end diameter 2.8mm) offer good bite registration, even with increased line pressure at medium distances, thanks to the increased end diameter.

The blank is divided into three equal sections including the tip section providing a compact transport size. The handle is made from a combination of cork and foam in an adjusted length. The handle features a flattened section ideally formed for the forearm to rest comfortably during the drill.

Available in 3.60m with a casting weight of 20-50gr and 3.75m with a casting weight of 30-60gr.

Master at medium range

The Blackthorne medium rods are true all-rounders when it comes to silverfish. Choose between either a sensitive tip or a powerful tip the Blackthorne Medium rods will have you covered.

Key Features

Blank & Guides

The blanks are made from high Modulus Japanse carbon fibres and outfitted with high-quality guides.

Carbon Tips

Each Blackthorne feeder rod is delivered with three carbon tips. Each tip is optimally positioned with carefully selected sizes to optimize the action for feeder angling.

Handle & Reel seat

Features handle with adjusted length, finished with cork, EVA and a slimline reel seat.

Optimal Performance

Each rod features unique characteristics. Each Blackthorne rod is marked with the Optimal Performance details.

3.60m: casting range 30-60m – casting weight 20-50g

3.75m: casting range 35-70m – casting weight 20-50g

ModelPro-N Medium 360Pro-N Medium 375Carbon M Tip 0.7oz Carbon M Tip 1.0oz Carbon M Tip 1.5oz Carbon M Tip 2.0oz Carbon M Tip 3.0oz Carbon F.T. Tip M 1.0oz
Transport length1.24m1.30m------
Casting Weight20-50g30-60g------
No. Guides8+78+7777777
Tip SectionsCarbon Tip M 0.7oz + 1.0oz + 1.5oz Carbon Tip M 1.0oz + 1.5oz + 2.0oz ------

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