Carpetition Challenger

The Carpetition Challenger is a stiff and robust put-over pole. The 2-piece top kit is equipped with a reinforced puller zone so that a puller slot of preference can be mounted. The kit is also suitable for standard elastication in sections 1 or 2, making the pole suitable for all types of fishing. The Carpetition Challenger is available in 7.5 and 9.0m and can be expanded with a individually available 2-piece kit.

Margin Power

The Challenger performs perfectly during summer when big lumps need to be targeted in the margins.

Key Features

Elastic Rate 

The Challenger can easily handle elastic up to size 16.


The 2nd section is equipped with a reinforced zone to place an optional pullerslot.


Available in 2 different lengths, each with one painted handle section.

Model7.5m Pole9.0m PoleTop 2 KitKup Kit
Transport length1.72m1.72m1.50m1.50m
Elastic Rate161616-

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