Carpetition Excellence

The Carpetition Excellence offers excellent balance and optimal responsiveness suitable for light carp fishing and targeting silver fish on both commercial and open water. The telescopic top can be equipped with a solid tip or elastic in one or more sections. The robust sections are provided with extra reinforcement on essential areas and a smooth finish ensuring shipping is smooth and effortless. The Excellence is delivered with a mono extension and can be expanded with extra kits and cupkit.

Excellence balance and high response

This pole suits perfect to the angler who appreciate a delicate action a lot of feeling.

Available in Pack

Pole Pack includes:

Item Name


10.0m Pole
1 x
Mono Extension
1 x
Top 4 kit
1 x
Solith Pole Sleeve
1 x

Key Features

Reinforced Sections

The top kit sections are reinforced.


Made on a relatively low-diameter mandrel yet still incredibly stiff and responsive.

Solith Pole Sleeve

The pack is delivered in a Solith Pole Sleeve.

Model10.0m PoleTop 4 KitKup KitPack 10.0m
Transport length1.73m1.47m1.50m-
Elastic Rate1414--

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