Carpetition Confidence

The Carpetition Confidence offers excellent balance, high response and a lot of power. This makes the pole suitable for commercial carp fishing. The 2-piece kit that comes standard with the pole features a put-over joint and is provided with a reinforced zone, allowing for a pullerslot to be fitted if desired. The robust sections are provided with extra reinforcement in essential areas and a smooth finish, so shipping is smooth and easy. The Confidence comes with a mono extension and can be expanded with extra kits and a cupkit.

High response combined with lots of power.

This pole suits perfect to a commercial lake stocked with a stemps and species of fish.

Available in Pack

Pole Pack includes:

Item Name


10.0m Pole
1 x
Mono Extension
1 x
Top 2 kit
1 x
Solith Pole Sleeve
1 x

Key Features

Reinforced Sections

The top kit sections are reinforced.


Comes with a reinforced zone for a pullerslot in the 2nd section.

Solith Pole Sleeve

Pack comes in a Solith Pole Sleeve.

More Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

Model10.0m PolePower KitKup KitPack 10.0m
Transport length1.73m1.50m1.50m-
Elastic Rate2020--

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