IDentity Accelerate Whip

These low-diameter and lightweight put-over poles are designed for line-to-hand fishing targeting silverfish.The blank’s fast action ensures that even light floats can be effortlessly flicked out while using a long line. The supplied, fast tapered carbon flick tip is also suitable for lifting larger fish. If desired, the tip can be removed to elasticate the pole tip. The Accelerate Pro Whip has reinforcements at the bottom of each section.

Ideal for hand-to-line fishing, for silverfish on natural venues.

The Accelerate whips feature the perfect action to swing out rigs of any weight and lift fish of a decent stamp.

Key Features

Reinforced Sections

Each section is reinforced on the put-over joints.

Slim blank

Each pole is manufactured using an ‘ultra slim’ mandrel.

Solid tip

Comes with solid tip, but can also be elasticated.

More Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

ModelWhip 5.0mWhip 6.0mWhip 7.0m
Transport length1.26m1.26m1.26m
Sections5+ solid tip6+ solid tip7+ solid tip
Elastic Rate121212

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