IDentity Accelerate Speedpole

The IDentity Accelerate Speedpoles are performance poles created by Cresta. Traditionally poles built at 11 or 13 meters often have a large diameter and are very stiff which makes fishing on shorter lengths and long lines uncomfortable. Whips, on the other hand, are often comfortable in the hand, but the stiffness on longer lengths creates is undesirable. The IDentity Accelerate Speedpoles combines the best of both worlds. Extremely thin in diameter, perfect for short-range fishing, yet stiff enough for controlled striking. The pole comes into its own when speed fishing and in many cases changing the distance is key to success. Perfect for marina angling targeting roach or fishing on open water or Irish lakes. We have also developed a unique handle section for 5 and 6.2 meters to optimise the balance for line to hand fishing. The Accelerate Speedpole is also equipped with a full carbon tip which is also suitable to elasticate. In addition to the separate pole, various top kits and a cup kit, the Accelerate Speedpole is also available in a complete pack.

Performs perfectly in windy conditions.

The Accelerate Speedpole is the perfect companion when used in rough weather conditions.


Also available as a Pole Package

Pole Package includes:

Item Name


1 x
Top 4 kit
2 x
Whiphandle 500
1 x
Whiphandle 620
1 x
Cupping Kit
1 x
IDentity Protect 190
1 x

Key Features


Reinforced Sections

Each section is reinforced on the put-over joints.


Slim blank

Each pole is manufactured using an ‘ultra slim’ mandrel.



For optimal balance and strength, two whip handles are available.


Pole Package

If purchased with the Pole Package the poles will be supplied with the Identity Protect Case 190.

Model1100 PoleTop 4 KitTop 5 KitKup Kit Whiphandle 500Whiphandle 620Pack
Code2496-1102496-42496-52496 -12496-502496-622496-115
Transport length1.75m1.4m1.5m1.58m---
Sections8 + Solid Tip4 + Solid Tip5 + Solid Tip211-
Elastic Rate121212----

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