Pro Superior Feeder

The IDentity Pro Superior feeders provide an incredible  fast action and great balance. The weight reduction provides even more sensitivity throughout the blank. This benefits fishing with small hooks and light lines. Nevertheless, the blanks have more than enough power to successfully fight larger species. These 2-piece rods are made of very high-quality Japanese carbon and equipped with a spigot joint and parabolic action. This makes them suitable for both traditional running set-ups and modern self-hooking systems. The carefully positioned guides with lightweight lining and tailored size are suitable for both nylon and braided lines. The Pro Superior feeders come with 3 carbon tips (size S) which are perfectly matched to the rods and offer a clear bite indication.

Sensitive and superb playing action

The Superior rods feature incredable sensitive tips and a very forgiving action. Ideal in combinatin with ligth hooks and lines.

Key Features


The blanks are made from high Modulus Japanse carbon fibres and finished with a thin layer of paint to avoid the unnecessary weight.

Carbon Tips

Each Pro Superior Feeder is delivered with 3 carbon tips. Each tip is made with a carefully selected number and guide size to optimize the action.

Spigot joints

Thanks to the spigot joints, each Superior feeder possesses an incredibly fast and responsive action.


The Superior feeder rods feature Seaguide Guides which are optimally placed to achieve an optimal curve throughout the blank.

Handle & Reel seat

The full cork handles own an adjusted length and is finished with a slimline Fuji reel seat.

Optimal Performance

Each rods features its own characteristics. Each IDentity rod is marked with its own Optimal Performance details.

3.20m : casting range 15-30m – casting weight 15-30g

3.40m : casting range 20-40m – casting weight 20-40g

3.60m : casting range 30-50m – casting weight 30-50g

ModelPro Superior 320Pro Superior 340Pro Superior 360Carbon S Tip 0.5 oz Carbon S Tip 0.7 oz Carbon S Tip 1.0 oz Carbon s Tip 1.5 oz FT Carbon S Tip 0.7 oz
Transport length1.38m1.58m1.68m-----
Casting Weight15-30g20-40g30-50g-----
No. Guides8+68+68+6 66666
Tip SectionsCarbon S Tip 0.5 oz + 0.7oz + 0.7 oz FTCarbon S Tip 0.7 oz + 1.0oz + 0.7 oz FTCarbon S Tip 0.7 oz + 1.0oz + 0.7 oz FT-----


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