Lead & Rig Components

The smallest of details can make a significant difference during a competition. Cresta’s small pole accessories are conceptualised, designed and manufactured with the pole angler in mind. The leads, olivettes, silicone and many other Cresta accessories are trusted throughout the competitive market. More details can be found below.

Supa Plummets

The Cresta Supa Plummets are highly regarded within the market. The plummet has a unique soft insert covering its full height, protecting both line and hook, resulting in the perfect mounting for measuring ‘dead depth’ on the floating antenna. The large eye makes it easy to use with any size hook, with or without a bait band. The advantage is that the Supa Plummet can be positioned anywhere on the line above the hook. This makes it possible to plumb your swim, providing an accurate ‘over depth’ measurement. No more guessing the amount of line presented on the bottom.

Available in 3 sizes

The 15-gram version is ideal for thinner elastics, and the 25 and 35-gram versions are perfect for heavier elastics, deeper water and flow.

100% Line Friendly

The sleeve is 100% line-friendly. The lines from 10/00 – 25/00 can be attached without the use of a hook.


Stick Shots

The Cresta Stickshots help you easily rig up your float. The correct softness and centred cut make Stickshots easy to fix on thin and thicker lines without damaging them. The elongated shape provides extra grip on the line, ensuring they barely move when fishing. The slender shape guarantees a gradual and natural sink, making the Stickshots suitable for traditional pole and commercial carp fishing.

Available in 16 sizes

Stickshots are available in 16 different sizes from 0.02 to 1.0gr, ensuring the optimal lead positioning can always be achieved.

Indicated by Weight

Thanks to the weight indication instead of unclear numbers, selecting the right weight is very easy.


Inline Bullets

These perfectly round and calibrated Inline Bullets feature a small diameter silicone grommet. This ensures optimal protection of the nylon and a perfect central position on the line. Suitable for numerous floatrigs, such as riverfloats, flatfloats and sliders. By combining various sizes with each other, a streamlined bulkweigth is created and practically any prefered weight can be put together.

Available in 10 sizes

The Inline Olivettes are available in sizes from 0.5g to 8.0g. The small steps between the weights optimize the process of shotting a rig.


The best way to fix an Olivette in a tangle-free position is to place a shot on either side.

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Inline Olivettes

Cresta’s accurately calibrated Inline Olivettes feature a soft silicone tube to prevent damage to the line and deforming supporting split shot. The teardrop shape centre of gravity at the bottom provides additional stability to the rig and control over the bait presentation.

Available in 20 sizes

The Inline Olivettes are available in 20 sizes from 0.2g to 5.0g. The small steps between the weights optimize the process of shotting a rig.


The best way to fix an Olivette in a tangle-free position is to place a shot on either side.


Coated Inline Olivettes

The Cresta Black Coated Olivette leads offer the perfect balance for your float. Their low reflection properties provide a subtle presentation.

Available in 10 sizes

The Coated Inline Olivettes are available in 10 sizes from 0.8g to 7.0g.


The best way to fix the weights in a tangle-free position is to place a shot on either side.


Coated Inline Ball Weights

The round-shaped, black-coated lead weights have a central hole and are suitable for heavy or flat floats and sliders. Using multiple ball weights creates a streamlined lead bulk.

Available in 10 sizes

The coated inline Ball Weights are available in 10 sizes, from 1g to 20g.


The best way to fix the weights in a tangle-free position is to place a shot on either side.


Splitshot Tool

The Cresta Splitshot Tool makes it easy to add small individual lead shot weights on the line. The specially designed shape removes lead shot weights simply without damaging the line. The Splitshot Tool also features an ergonomic soft-touch coating.

All types of Shot

Various types of shots can be securely placed with this tool.

Removing a Shot

When removing a shot ensure that the split is facing the pin.


Super Stretch Silicone Tube

Available in 6 sizes

A range from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm offers the right size for every pole float

Move a Float

When moving a float, make sure the line has been wet.