Cresta Hooklength Storage Systems have been developed for efficiency and ease of use. Each storage unit can be accessed separately, allowing for quicker and simpler placement of new booklets. The storage units fit securely in place and have sufficient space in between, which makes accessing a hook length simple. The smooth and high-quality finishing of the loop and hook holders prevents the hook lengths from getting damaged. Below each hook holder is enough space left for a bait band or hair.

Modular Hooklength Storage Box

The Cresta Hooklength Storage Boxes can be used universally throughout the range. The 15cm version offers space for 15 different hook lengths of 10 and 15cm. The 20cm version can store 12 storage units providing space for hook lengths of 10, 15 and 20cm.


Available in lengths of 10, 15, and 20cm. The majority of pole fishing hook lengths fit in these boxes.

Method and Commercial

The additional space below the hook position allows hair rigs to be securely stored.

Modular Hooklength Storage Box Feeder

The Storage System Feeder is designed to store longer hook lengths. The storage units are removable, making them easy to put on tied hook lengths. Hook lengths can be taken from the storage unit while still being fixed in the box. The clean finish, innovative design and additional space for hairs allow longer hook lengths to be stored securely organised and perfectly protected.

Longer Hook Lengths

Any desired length can be achieved by winding the line around the winders.

Exact lengths

Each winding has the same distance, allowing each hook length to have the same length.

Ready to Load Hooklength Storage Box

The Ready to Load Hooklength Storage Box is the ideal storage solution for Cresta ready-made rigs. Remove the ready-tied hook lengths from the airtight bag and connect them to the storage box. The winders can be placed next to each other in the storage box. The system allows you to have all your rigs in a compact and convenient location within easy reach.

Clear Lids

The clear lids help to identify the content of the box.

Combine different Winders

Winders of the same length can be combined within the box, allowing for customized selection based on your target venue.

ModelStorage Box 15cmStorage Box 20cmStorage Box Feeder 15cmStorage Box Feeder 20cmReady to Load Box