Visorate Mono & Braid

The Visorate range features the ideal line for every situation. Within the range are several types of monofilament cover hook lengths, rigs and reels. Included are also braided lines, which are specifically made for feeder fishing. All lines are made from premium materials and manufactured to tight quality control checks. If there is one thing that can be trusted it’s Visorate!

Detailed information regarding each line can be found below.

Intenz Power Mono

This very flexible and easy-to-knot nylon has a high degree of stretch, which guarantees the retention of the breaking strength on short lines. This makes Cresta Intenz Power Mono ideal for knotting both feeder, poles and method hook lengths. This line is also very suitable for “commercial” fishing where the hook is often directly connected to the main line.

Available on spools of 100m – from 0.10mm to 0.25mm

11 diameters, all clear and nearly invisible, of colour.

Fish Test2.40kg2.70kg3.00kg3.30kg3.80kg4.90kg6.10kg7.70kg8.80kg9.80kg11.0kg

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Intenz Pro Fluorine

The Intenz Pro Fluorine is treated with a Fluorine Process making the line extremely supple while maintaining abrasion resistance and high knot strength. The “non-slip” property ensures that this line can be connected to a hook very easy, making Intenz Pro Fluorine the ideal hook length material for both feeder and pole fishing.

Available on spools of 100m – from 0.102mm to 0.199mm

11 diameters all clear and nearly invisible of colour.

Fish Test2.50kg2.80kg3.20kg3.50kg4.10kg5.4kg6.5kg8.1kg

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Sinking Feeder Mono

This mono line is designed for intensive ideal for feeder fishing. Thanks to the special surface treatment, the line is very smooth and shows great suppleness. These characteristics ensure that the line leaves the spool easily and equally for each cast. The abrasion resistance, high knot-strength and correct stretching properties make this line great for any type of feeder fishing and can also be used as a shock leader knotted to a braided mainline.

Available on spools of 150m – from 0.18mm to 0.30mm

6 diameters all green and nearly invisible when submerged.

Breaking strength2.72kg3.63kg4.54kg5.45kg6.36kg7.27kg

Visorate Flecxium Mono

This high-quality nylon is developed to spool on a reel. The very smooth surface significantly reduces friction during a cast. The extremely low memory prevents line twists, even through intensive use. The high abrasion resistance and sinking speed make the line suitable for any type of venue. The knot-friendliness makes every type of rig possible. All these features in combination with a controlled stretch and high pulling power make Visorate Flecxium suitable for both method and feeder fishing.

Available on spools of 1000m – from 0.20mm to 0.30mm

5 diameters, all dark grey of colour.

Breaking strength3.7kg4.6kg5.5kg6.8kg8.2kg

Visorate Resilence 8-Braid

Cresta Visorate Resilence 8-Braid is developed for feeder fishing. The braided line has a round profile made from 8 strands, and thanks to its excellent weave, it delivers an ultra-smooth surface finish, which ensures optimum casting performance. Resilence 8-braid is easy to tie with a high knot strength and has zero stretches, perfect for optimal bite registration. With high abrasion resistance and a high degree of suppleness, Visorate Resilence 8-Braid is excellent for all fishing venues and casting distances.

Available on spools of 150m – in 0.08mm & 0.10mm

2 diameters, both dark brown of colour.

Breaking strength5.5kg6.8kg

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Intenz Superior Braid

Cresta Intenz Superior Braid is manufactured using a unique Japanese weaving method that gives the 4-braid very specific features. The very fine weave structure gives the line an unparalleled round diameter which ensures the line leaves your reel smoothly during each cast. While sinking, the line cuts through the water surface with ease thanks to its shape and very low diameter. This ensures the connection between the rod tip and the feeder is as straight as possible overall improving bite detection. Fantastic knot strength and high abrasion resistance make this line the perfect choice for feeder fishing.

Available on spools of 150m – in 0.07mm & 0.09mm

2 diameters in very visible light purple colour.

Breaking strength6.8kg8.2kg

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Accelerate Tapered Leaders

Cresta Visorate Accelerate Tapered Leaders are the perfect shock leader to a braided mainline. Thanks to the much smaller knot, the line experiences much less resistance during the cast, allowing longer distances to be achieved. The smoother transition from nylon to the braided line reduces the chance of the line getting caught on a guide. The 0.25mm tip end is 5m long, so it reaches the spool for safely and powerful casting. The lower diameter shock leader and braided line reduce the line pressure resulting in a better bite registration!

Each spool contains 10 individual leaders of 10meter.

Tapered from 0.18 till 0.25mm in a green and nearly invisible colour when submerged.

ModelTapered Leaders

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Braid Scissors

This pair of scissors is ideal for cutting short knots on both braided lines and nylon. Thanks to the fine knurling, the line does not slip.

Razor sharp!

Compact and  to fit inside most tackle boxes.

ModelBraid Scissors