Soft Cap Hollow Connectors

Soft Cap Hollow Connectors

The Softcap Hollow Connectors form a compact and highly reliable connection between the rig and pole elastic. The hard insert section has a notch on the front for fixing the main line. The back has a round opening for mounting the elastic.

The soft cap features sufficient space for the knot and has ridges on the outside for additional grip. To lock the connector, slide the cap over the notch against the head of the insert. The rubber cap prevents damaging the elastic and reduces the noise when hitting the pole while the flat underside sits flat against the tip.

3 sizes

The Soft Cap Hollow Connectors are available in 3 sizes in 2 different colours.
Advised Elastic diameters: Medium 1.3 to 2.0mm- Large 1.8-2.6mm – XL 2.4-4.0mm

Straight Position

The flat backside ensures the connector always stays straight against the pole tip.

ColorGreenBlueFluo GreenRedOrangePurple

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