Method Feeders & Accessoires

Cresta designed an exclusive range of method feeders and a unique mould system. Three different types of feeders are available, each built around the same interchange stem system.

 2pc Compress Method Mould

This in-house-designed Method Mould system makes it easy to refill your method feeders quickly. Place the ring over the feeder and fill it with ground bait, add the stamp and compress the bait. Finally, push the stamp through the ring until the filled feeder comes out the bottom.

Two Piece Design 

The unique two-piece construction ensures all the compressed bait will come off the mould and stay on the feeder.

ABS Material

The durable ABS material parts make pressing pellets or ground bait easy and effective.


Elasticated Method Feeder

The Elasticated Method Feeders are outfitted with a heavy-duty 2.2mm hollow elastic with two rings on the end. The small ring fits in the Easy Change Tube and is used to connect the mainline. The larger ring is used to attach the leader.

Elasticated Set-up

An elasticated set-up is beneficial during summer or when targetting large carp.

Island & Snags

When fishing against an island or other type of snags, an elasticated set-up offers the necessary shock absorber.


 Inline Method Feeder

The Inline Method Feeders are perfect for a free running set-up in combination with a pushbead.

Free Running Set-up

a sliding feeder allows the use of smaller hooks as the weigth can’t be used by the fish to get unhooked.

Bite Registration

A sliding set-up allows a more sensitive bite registration, specially during winter this can be an advance.


Inline Pellet Feeder

The Inline Pellet Feeders are an excellent choice for slightly deeper waters or when a compact feeding area is required. This Feeder has openings on each side, allowing water to enter and flush out the pellets quicker. The Inline Pellet Feeder also features an Easy Change Tube.

Compact Feeding

A pellet feeder keeps the feeding area compact, helping improve your bite rate.


Once the fish have been attached by loose feed later in a match, changing to a pellet feeder can make a positive difference.


Inline Easy Fill Feeder

Speed ​​can play an important role in the final result of a competition. The Easy Fill Feeder can be quickly filled with ground bait, pellets and hook bait without requiring a mould. The Easy Change Tube makes this quick change possible.

Weight Forward

Thanks to a weight-forwarded design, an Easy Fill Feeder casts very accurately.

Quick bite

Thanks to the fully open profile, a bite can follow seconds after landing on the bottom.


 Easy Change Method Tube

The Easy Change Method Tubes fit in each Size L Cresta Feeder. Thread the line through the tube from top to bottom, attach it to the small ring connected to the elastic and then pull the elastic into the tube.


All inline feeders can be effortlessly changed to an elasticated version.


The tube used for all feeders, both inline or elasticised, are the same, making modifying very easy.

Method Tube1+ 2 pieces


Push Beads are designed for the inline method system. The head of this Bead hits the edge of the tube whilst the back falls in, ensuring the Bead does not stick out, allowing the method to be filled with the Cresta 2-piece Method Mold. The Bead can be used with the Cresta Pellet and Easy-fill Feeder too. The unique design results in a perfect fit but opens easily by simply pushing the back of the insert upwards, which allows the upper section to open freely, allowing the loop of the rig to be attached.

Semi Self-hooking

The Push bead runs free over the line. The Push Bead neatly goes into the tube, which allows a fish to get still hooked from the weight of the feeder.

Easy to Open

Thanks to the creative design, the bead is easy to open yet is fully secured when closed.