Pole Elastic

A reliable pole elastic saves a lot of issues on the bank, more importantly, lands you more fish. Cresta offers a wide range of quality elastics for both natural and commercial venues. 

Smooth Soft Elastic

Smooth is a ‘solid’ elastic that combines the best features of full and hollow elastics. The soft and forgiving stretch immediately compares to a hollow elastic but with a reduced diameter. Smooth can be effortlessly tied to any type of bung, stopper or connector. Moreover, Smooth retains its breaking strength! The wear resistance of Smooth is very high, making it suitable for intensive use in both regular and puller kit set ups.


Smooth Soft Elastic is available in 13 different sizes, each available in an easily recognizable colour. This range covers everything when fishing for silverfish and carp.

 Wear Resistance

Thanks to the wear resistance, the Smooth Soft Elastic is perfect to use with a pullerslot.

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Hollow Elastic

This high-quality and wear-resistant Elastic has a hollow core, resulting in a much higher stretch factor compared to conventional Elastics. The outer sheath is also flexible and highly visible, meaning the swimming direction of a hooked fish is visible and allows you to recognize the diameter quickly. The Elastic is perfect for use in a puller kit and thanks to the additional liquid silicone, long life is guaranteed. Cresta hollow Elastics are 5 meters long, which is often enough for two kits.


Cresta Hollow Elastic is available in 11 different sizes from 1.3 to 3.5mm, covering carp and silvers for any venue type.

Easy to Knot

Hollow elastic is easy to knot to any connector or bung.

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Solid Elastic

This wear-resistant, coloured latex is ideal for competition and recreational fishermen. Thanks to the highly recognizable colours, the Elastic is simple to follow when angling. The Elastic is not delivered on a winder meaning there is no strain on the elasticity, which guarantees long-lasting quality. The added liquid silicone ensures smooth flow through the top section. Cresta Solid Elastics are supplied in 6-meter lengths, sufficient for elasticating 2 to 3 top sections.


Cresta Solid Elastic is available in 5 sizes from 0.8 to 1.4mm.

Controlled Stretch

Thanks to the controlled stretch, Solid elastics are ideal for fish like roaches or small skimmers.

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