Smooth Dacron Connectors

The connection between a pole elastic and a rig must be 100% reliable. Smooth Dacron connectors will satisfy the most critical angler. Designed for all types of pole fishing, both natural and commercial.

Key Features

Double tapered inside design

This ensures that the knot is completely enclosed within the silicone bead for optimum protection.

Round Base

Fits snugly against the socket, helping to keep water out of the tip of the pole. When turning, the connector follows the rig, greatly reducing tangling.

Customised Length

Perfected down to the last detail: Each size connector has a pre-tied Dacron loop, depending on the size.

Extended Front

The extended bead ensures that the Dacron always comes straight out of the bead, creating the perfect boom.

3 Sizes

From heavy to light elastic Cresta Dacron beads provides the correct connector for all circumstances.